Thursday, 30 August 2012


Give me a W!  Give me an A! Give me an... .well, you get the point. 

Here at Ms. Bumble's house we LOVE us some waffles!  Sweet, savoury, covered in sauce-- I will take them any way I can get'em.  Finding a vegan and gluten-free waffle recipe was essential and, since fall is coming and pumpkin puree seems to hop into my shopping cart more and more I decided that today was the day!

Off I went, hunting around on line.  I found TONS of recipes but not many that sounded appealing until I came across this tried-and-true favourite (Why, oh Why didn't I just go to you first?): The Daily Diet Tribe (  The result, as usual, was lovely. 

Pumpkin-Millet Waffles
The recipe (which you can find at: was easy to follow and I really enjoyed the measurement scheme they used!  I chose to use a mix of millet and sorghum flour, and in place of applesauce I used pumpkin puree with a dash of cinnamon.  For my liquid, I chose rice milk (vanilla) and, as I was out of raw sugar, I used my standby white granulated grocery store variety.  Finally, I was also out of potato starch today (darn!) so I used good old corn starch in its place.  Make sure you read the WHOLE recipe and all the attached comments because there are a few things you need to know!  I have a non-stick waffle iron, but I still lightly oiled it to make sure the outsides of the waffles would get that golden, crisped texture (which they did!).

The "Close Up"... OOOO, AHHH *applause*
The flavour was amazing--though, next time I will likely spice it up a little more.  I am also tempted to replace half the measure of granulated sugar with molasses for a deeper colour and flavour.  We shall see!  They were crisp on the outside and light on the inside; though, to be honest, they were a little dry.  Perhaps a touch more rice milk would have done the trick?  In any case they were delicious and I'm hoping that they freeze well!  Do yourself a favour and check out this recipe! (If you haven't got a waffle iron-- GET ONE! Ummm... I mean, you could always make pancakes!)
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