Monday, 27 August 2012

Rainy Days *sigh*

Oh, Hi!  Hope you're all doing well on this cool and cloudy Monday.

Nothing like a rainy day to inspire a little baking-- after painting the trim in the hallway and the doors in my breakfast nook, that is!  Ms. Bumble does like to keep busy, you know.  But enough about me.  Let's talk about MUFFINS!

If you saw my last post, then you saw that BIG, gorgeous, brightly coloured zucchini that I chanced upon at the Peterborough Farmer's Market.  Ever since, I have had zucchini bread on the brain.  This was my first try at GF zucchini bread, so we'll have to see how it turns out!  (The first dozen is currently in the oven....)

I found a lovely recipe (, doubled it, and decided to keep one dozen "plain" and the second dozen got mixed up with some coconut shreds and vegan chocolate chips!  Nom Nom Nom.  In fact, the first dozen came out and they are YUMMY!

This is the original style recipe [
Chip Muffins!
My handsome baking companion,
Lord Aslan (aka. Appa, Kitty Von
Fozzy-Pants, and Grumpus McGee)

I did make a few changes to the original recipe and, to be honest, this first batch is a little looser than I would like it to be.  I like a muffin with some crumble!  I subbed honey for agave, added 2 tsp of xantham gum to my GF flour mix, and added both cinnamon and ginger because... well, I like ginger. A LOT.  The second batch (the ones with the coconut and chips) actually has a much denser consistency.  I let these cool in the fridge while the first batch was cooking so that may have something to do with it-- something to be investigated next time.  In any case, they look good, taste great, and were easy to make!  {For those of you wondering what the heck a picture of my cat is doing up here... first of all, let me say, what a silly question!  Alsan is one pretty-kitty, and while I was baking he was entertaining me with his sleep-fits, lip-licking, and toe-twitching! Plus, who doesn't like to see a picture of a kitty-cat once and a while?  Am I right?  Shannon, you can just HUSH! hahah xx)

Enjoy the muffins, and thanks to Florida Coastal Cooking for the recipe.  This will be a good one to tinker with! xx Ms. Bumble

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