Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting Busy, Ms. Bumble Style!

Bathroom Make-over! 

There is not much to say really... When we moved into the house the WHOLE house was painted yellow.  Not a bright, sunshiny yellow... no, no, no.  A gross mucousy yellow... everywhere!  It was horrible.  Thankfully, I had time on my hands and was able to paint right away.  I always love reading about home improvements and so I thought you all might as well!  The whole "before & after" photo reveal thrills me to my core.... I get excited and sometimes (and this is just between us...) I even hear the fabled "drum-roll" in my mind!  Yes.  I am a nerd.  It's ok.  You can say it.

Mmmmm.... my favorite combination for a bathroom: wine
and mustard. (Not!)
I have decided to start with the bathroom (that is, start the reveal with the bathroom... it was actually the last room in the house that we did!) because I love it.  I love the colours we chose, the mirror we found, I even love the shower curtain! 

As was the case with the rest of the house, the bathroom was yellow! Cabinetry was all wine coloured, the counter is pink, and the mirror was "missing".  After some priming, painting, more painting, cursing, and then re-painting we managed to get the bathroom looking less like a hot-dog stand explosion and more like a fresh oasis of blue calm!

Soon, we will get in there with some art and accents and it will be complete!  Hazzah!  Stepping out of the shower in THIS bathroom in the morning is a treat! (With the exception of that HORRID counter which will be removed and replaced as soon as we teach ourselves how! Advice anyone?)

Keep checking in because we are starting to gear up for some fall and winter projects now that the summer heat is starting to fade away.... Until next time,

Ms. Bumble xx

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