Thursday, 16 August 2012

2 more sleeps...

Can you believe it? 

2 more sleeps until the very first Rabbit and Bumble Open Air Market -- WOW!  I know that we are excited and we hope that you are too.  The tents go up tomorrow, and then the real fun begins: setting up to display all of our hard work, Ms. Rabbits amazing collection of antiques and lovelies, and opening the windows to let the smell of fresh-baked goodies waft down into the yard.  Mmmmmm, it's going to be nice!

In the mean time, I thought I would give you one last snoop at a last minute project:  Recycled Tin Can Lanterns!  This project is easy, fun, and (other than the spray-paint) uses all found and recycled materials!  Good for kids (adult supervision required if you want to punch designs in the tin-- saftey first!) and adults alike, makeing lanterns is a great way to bring a little light into your life.

All you need is:

* Some tin cans that have been washed and had their labels removed (and most of that nasty-wasty glue!)
* A hammer and nails of varying sizes
* Paint, spray-paint, foil, or any other decorating materials that will adere to metal
* Some old coat-hangers and a pair of plyers for making handles

Oh yah.... I suggest wearing gloves!

After you have washed the tins and removed their labels, fill them 2/3 of the way full with water and place them in the freezer until COMPLETELY solid.  Remove them from the freezer and *carefully* use your hammer and nails to punch holes of varying sizes into the cans.  Don't forget to punch some bigger holes near the top of the cans for your handles!  Set the finished can in the sick and run warm water over it to melt the ice.  Dry the can and, if you are going to paint it, take it outside or cover a work surface in paper ro a drop cloth.  Paint or otherwise decorate your can and let it dry!  While the paint is drying, use plyers to cut your old hangers into peices.  Shape them into handles for your lanterns as you will, making sure to leave a little room on either end to insert into the holes you have punched for them!  When everything is dry, assemble the lanters, toss in a tea light or two, turn out the lights and watch them GLOW!

Rabbit and Bumble Open Air Market: Antiques, Handicrafts, Baked Goods, and more!  This Saturday, August 18th!  (10am - 5pm)

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