Sunday, 10 June 2012

It's time to get Mossy!

We made these mossy letters for a 50th Birthday Party. However, they would work well for an anniversary, wedding or any special event!

Step One:
We collected the moss from a woods nearby our property...if this isn't a possibility, you can purchase bags of moss from craft stores like Michael's or florists.

Step Two:
For the letters/numbers, we cut out shapes out of plywood but foam board would work just as well.

Step Three:
So the wood would not show, we painted the numbers with acrylic can use dark green, brown or black.

Step Four:
We placed pieces of the moss on the board and wrapped wire around it securing it. Just keep adding pieces and wrapping it with wire until you achieve the fluffiness you want. If you are using dried moss, you can glue the moss to the board with a glue-gun.

Step Five:
Because we were attaching the letters to the side of our cottage, we just screw-nailed them on. However, for something different, attached wire or ribbon to the back and hang the letters anyplace you like!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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