Sunday, 24 June 2012

A little look-see at what keeps a Bee busy on the weekend!

While Amber was busy painting that gorgeous Mr. Fox, I tried my hand at painting and a few other things!

I found this miniature rocking-chair at the Lakefield Flea Market a few weeks ago and then, while watching The Wizard of Oz one evening, I thought it would look lovely with some poppies painted on it. The gold enamel was an afterthought but I like it! This would be cute in a child's room or even with a potted plant sitting on it! (Acrylic and gold enamel on wood)

   The candle holders are the result of a fun little DIY project that we had seen!  Fun and easy to make, the possibilities are really endless.  This set was made with rubber bands and some "frosty" spray paint (special made for working with glass).  Simple apply the bands (next time I am going to try working with some home-made stencils and leaves) on the glasses and apply a few coats of paint, waiting for it to dry between coats, of course.  After the paint dries gently slip the bands off of the glasses and voila! Some wonderful, home-made candle holders!

Happy crafting, all!  xx
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