Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wire, beads, and buttons! Christmas Ornaments...with a twist!

I know Halloween hasn't arrived yet but I, for one, cannot help myself!  Any excuse will do for me to get into the Holiday Spirit and the Make it Indie Fine Craft & Decorative Art Show & Sale is a GREAT reason to get excited.  With over 40 artists and artisans registered so far, this event is shaping up rather well!  Check out the website for details and to view the profiles of other participants!  We would all love to see you there on November 10th:   http://www.makeitindie.blogspot.ca/

Brownies, anyone?  Fudgy, dense,
With only one month to go, Amber and I are pulling out our crafting supplies, scrap bins, bead collections, and recipe books!  It's go time.  As the only food vendors registered SO FAR at the Make it Indie show, Ms. Bumble is trying to create a selection of goodies that cater to all tastes: sweet and salty, crisp and melt-in-your-mouth, original and traditional baked goods will be featured at the Rabbit and Bumble booth for this event so bring your appetites (and maybe a few sticky-finger napkins? tee hee!)  Requests and suggestions are welcome!  Send us a shout-out here, on facebook, or on Twitter (@RabbitandBumble)  All R&B baked goods are vegan and gluten-free friendly (celiacs enquire within!) and are GREAT for anyone with allergies or food sensitivities!

Food aside, both Amber and I will be creating a selection of hand-made Christmas ornaments and decorations as well as Ms. Rabbit's wonderfully personable hand puppets!  (Check back for photos as they come to life!)  As always, we strive to use recycled, vintage, or found materials for our crafting projects.  The results are truly unique! 

The first batch of ornaments are finished and, from this point on, shall be known as Bauble Sticks.

Made from BBQ skewers coated with gold and silver enamel paint, these Bauble Sticks use wire, buttons and beads to catch the light and were inspired by the 'old school' tinsel that we used to put on our trees prior to obtaining a rather naughty, and curious kitty.

Hang these eye-catching beauties on your tree, in your house plants or in windows to catch the light and brighten up your day!  (available at the Make it Indie Show & Sale, Nov 10th and right here in Peterborough at the 30 Craft Market, Dec, 8th)

I ran out of skewers but was having such a fun time making wire creations that I kept right on!  Also intended to be ornaments, these are the smaller cousins of the Bauble Sticks.  I really like hanging these ones in my plants and I like to think that the plants like it too!

Finally, anyone who has been following this blog knows how much we love to use toilet paper rolls in our crafts!  Everyone has them so might as well put them to use!  This time around Ms. Bumble has used t.p. rolls to create some beautiful garland to hang on a tree or in your doorway!  Great way to use what you already have.  Check it out!

Painted and covered in Spanish Moss, these dolled-up t.p. slices add a little something special wherever they hang! 

Keep check back for more updates, recipes, and crafting ideas! 

-- Ms. Bumble
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