Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Handmade? Make it Indie!

Hello Bunnies and Bees! 

Amber and I are pretty excited about the Make it Indie Show and Sale coming up in Cobourg on November 10th.  If you haven't done it yet, check out the Make it Indie blog (makeitindie.blogspot.com) for a complete list of vendors and links to all of their fabulous pages! 

With less than one month to go, we are getting busy!  Glue, beads, fabric, ribbon, paint, and empty coffee cups are scattered here and there so I thought that I would share the madness with you all... before I clean up and move on to even more new projects!

Remember, Amber and I really strive to use recycled, found, or natural objects in our crafting as much as possible!  It gives things personality and history, it is kind to the environment, and-- if we are going to be honest-- it is a little easier on the pocket-book!  More than that, we really enjoy searching for natural treasures, hunting for antique collectibles, and poking through bins and buckets to gather our materials.  It's fun!

These ornaments come with loads of personality!  Inspired by the veritable mother-load of pine cones that I came across while hiking out at Eel's Creek ( http://www.start.ca/users/mharris/waterfalls/high-falls--eels-.html), my funky fish are made from felt, acrylic paint and pine cones and are glued and sewn together by hand.  I think these would make excellent additions to a Christmas Tree but could also make fun bathroom accessories or even be added to a child's mobile!  The possibilities are endless.  *fish kiss*

Even the cat likes them! (yes, that is his "I like it face"...
not to be confused with his "get real" face, his "I am grumpy" face,
or his "I didn't do that" face)

"Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes filled with ticky-tacky, little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same...." If you watch Weeds, then you know this little song all too well!  I just so happen to have come across a lovely stock pile of discarded jewelry boxes which I quickly snatched up, took home, and got to work on! 

During the holiday season I am always looking for ways to wrap or package gifts without buying wrapping paper which ALWAYS gets balled up, tossed in a bag, and thrown out.  Boxes are a GREAT way to package small items and, if you jazz them up a little, the box itself can be part of the gift!  I've added everything from ribbon to beads to these little boxes and the result has been a collection of charming, brightly coloured and, most importantly, re-usable gift packaging!

Come out and see us at the Make it Indie Show and Sale November 10th, in Cobourg for these and many more wonderful gift-items and seasonal decorations! 

DID YOU KNOW?  1$ from the purchase of any item from our "Tree of Hope" will be donated directly to Hope Agency (a Cambodian based NGO of which Ms. Bumble is particularly fond) and Cards for Hope will for sale at the rate of 1$ per card!  Save your loonies and make a donation for a great cause while you load up on your seasonal sundries!
['Cards for Hope' is a fund raising initiative implemented by Jennifer Avis on behalf of Hope Agency and the children of rural Cambodia.  Ms. Avis enlisted the help of several elementary-school aged children from the village of Bakod in Cambodia and came away with a selection of drawings and photographs which have been turned into totally unique postcards!  100% of the money raised through the sale of these cards will go directly to Hope Agency to help in the construction of schools, agricultural projects, and for the eventual construction of a permanent shelter for the dozens of orphaned children currently living in and around the area.  Buy a card, spread some Hope!]

We can't wait to see you all in Cobourg!
*kisses*  Jenn and Amber
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