Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things to Hang, Summer Treats, and Buttery Buns!

Things That Hang!

Have you ever counted how many t.p. rolls you go through in your house each week?  Each month?  Each YEAR?  Well... trust me, it's a lot.  I decided to save mine for a rainy day DIY project and finally got busy with them!  For these decorative hanging household treasures, I painted the t.p. rolls inside and out, cut them into various shapes, and using a quick-tacking glue, arranged them together in different shapes!  The gold enamel on the inside really catches the light and they cast amazing shadows on your wall!

Summer Treats!

While I was waiting for the glue to dry on my t.p. roll project, I got creative with some colouring pencils, water-colour paints and heavy card stock!  These summery little gift tags are great for anyone with a sweet tooth and will be available at our Open-Air Market (August 18th!) in packs of 5.


Finally, because I love bread SO much, I braved the 30+ degree heat and threw a batch of these light, fluffy, delicious buns in the oven!  Vegan and GF, these little beauties are going to be so good with dinner tonight! The best part is that I re-used my flat bread recipe (posted earlier right here at The Adventures of Rabbit and Bumble), decreasing the xantham/guar gum to 3 tsp, and spooned the batter into muffin tins.  The result was perfection!

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