Friday, 13 July 2012

Candle Holders DIY style!

If you have extra glasses, bowls, or dishes of any type lying around there are so many DIY projects you can do with them!  In honour of summer nights spent sitting outside, sipping cool drinks on patios I decided to make some fun and colourful candle holders!  All you need is electrical tape (painter's tape may also work), paint (spray or otherwise) that will bond to glass, a sealer for the finished product, and LOTS of newspaper to prevent your ... well... EVERYTHING from getting covered! 

A single blue petal:  This would look lovely
filled with water and a votive candle

Fill this watermellon inspired holder with pink sand
before adding your candle!

Two-toned glass: For the person who just can't decide!

Tape up the design you want on the glassware--make sure all the spaces you want to remain clear are well covered!  LIGHTLY apply paint, layer by layer, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next.  When you have the desired colour saturation, stop and allow to fully dry before peeling away the tape!

These and so much more will be available at our upcoming Open-Air Market, August 18th!  See the Official Poster for more details! xx
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