Thursday, 19 September 2013

Back to Business!

Thought we'd forgotten about you I bet? 

No way, friends!  Ms. Rabbit and I have been busy, busy, busy little bunnies over the past few months with family, school, work, training, children, gardens, canning and ... you know ... life!  With the cool weather rolling in and the gardens winding down there seems to be a little more time in the day and, naturally, I chose to spend it here catching up with all of you.

This summer was a summer of learning for both Amber and I in many ways.  Amber continues to expand her already massive brain with research, assignments, proposal writing, reading, reading, reading, reading, and cutting through the red tape that seems to firmly envelop academia.  She also found time to do attend some amazing antique shows and auctions, work on her home, and be an all around super-woman!  Maybe if we ask nicely, she will be able to find some time between homework, teaching, and family to share some of her treasures with us! In the meantime, you'll have to make do with my backyard shenanigans!

Other than going back to work full-time (for the first time in about ten years!) my summer has been dedicated to two pursuits: Reiki and gardening.  In the past 6 months or so I have successfully completed my training and practice hours and am happy to say I am a certified Reiki Practitioner!  (Feel free to check me out at As someone who has always been somewhat curious about, if not in-tune with, the energy that surrounds us all this is a first step on what I hope to be a long journey of self-discovery.  It is also a step towards self-employment which has been a goal for some time.  In news more relevant to the world of DIY, crafting, and creating my second pastime this summer has been my vegetable garden.

Ms. Bumble and her hoard of green tomatoes!

Mr. Bumble playing Farmer Jon and his Gentleman Corn

 It was our first garden and my goodness have we learned a lot!  We were a little overzealous in our planting and ended up putting in 4 different typed of heirloom tomatoes (see for an amazing blog created and maintained by the fabulous Jillian Bishop, a Peterborough native) for a total of 18 plants, rainbow chard, corn, cucumbers, beets, a variety of herbs, sweet peppers, hot peppers, rhubarb, sweet peas, 3 types of lettuce, and marigolds for good measure.  The garden grew...and grew... and grew!  

It was a wild year and resulted in an epic haul of tomatoes which we have been pickling, canning, dehydrating, making into sauce and salsa, and stuffing into our mouths at break-neck speeds!  Next year the lay out will be different, the supports/cages will be larger and stronger, the soil will be lighter, the compost tea will be applied more liberally, and we will not -- I repeat, WILL NOT -- spook at the first sign of frost and pull everything out of the garden in a fit of madness at midnight in our pajamas with headlamps on. (Yes... that happened.) 

All of that being said, cool weather and darkness are on the way which means more time for crocheting and creating as well as some house renovations for Ms. Bumble. In the meantime, happy creating to you all  xx

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