Monday, 17 December 2012

DIY Alert~ Felt Masks!

Our table at the Peterborough
30 Craft-Market!
Well, we made it through the Christmas handicraft-show season successfully and with both new lessons learned and new friends made!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and all of the other awesome local vendors in Peterborough on December 8th: we had a great time and hope you did too!

Now, Ms. Rabbit and I have turned our attention to other projects.  First off, a little bunny told me that YOU may very well see Rabbit and Bumble on Etsy in the new year!  Check in with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@RabbitandBumble) for more details!  I am pretty excited about this: note the excessive use of punctuation --->  !!!!

Other than opening an online store, we have both been putting our hands and hearts to work making some homemade gifties for OUR loved ones and I thought that I would share this little project with you all.  Originally the idea for these amazing(ly simple) felt masks came from a GREAT felt wolf mask which my husband found online with good-old Etsy.  Little Bit: Creative Felt Designs is a wonderfully whimsical Etsy shop run by a woman from Canada's beautiful west coast!  Check them out here:  He was participating in a costume contest at work and one of his costume wearing colleagues asked if I could make her a mask for the event.  I said, "sure!"  I had such a good time making the first one that I kept right on going.

In fact, I had SUCH a good time making them that I decided to make some less detailed, slightly more vibrant and impressionistic masks for the kids in my life!  Made simply from coloured felt, ribbon, and hot glue these were cheap, easy, and fun to make.  So, without further delay, I introduce to you my Lazy-Woman's Circus.... Enjoy!

To be honest, this was MEANT to be an owl but, to me, looks more like a hawk!
Whatever he is, I had a HOOT making him!

Cats and Birds: Hope these don't start a sibbling rivalry!

Someone is going to look FOXY this holiday season!

Fish Kiss, anyone?  Oh, Hello, Ms. Butterfly!
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